Appraising your performance in 2019

How did this year run so fast? this is a question I have been asking myself since the beginning of December 2019

If you agree with me that it was fast, I’m hopeful that you will also agree that 365 days is not a lot to make up a year but it is just enough to make changes in your life that will probably last a life time

For example It takes approximately 270 days to grow a baby in a womb; from conception to child birth, you can acquire a post graduate degree in about 365 days, for some new businesses 120 days is enough to start making profit and for investors you can realize significant growth in your investments in less than 365 days.

I hope my effort at emphasizing the value of the total days in a year made some sense to you? As the year 2019 is gradually coming to an end, I will like you to ask yourself one very important question “What value did I add to my life in the last 365 days?”

If you can’t list at least 5 significant points of growth in your life, then you’ll need to work harder at setting goals for 2020 because that’s the first step to making the most of your time and it helps you live purposefully, which is our major goal for 2020

I am going to be helping you set achievable goals for 2020( if you need my help just ask) and I will help you keep at it until you succeed.

You might be wondering what my own goals were for 2019 and if I achieved them, yes I did. By God’s help( I’m a Christian) and this helps keeps me more focused. For example I learned sewing and opened up a fashion store. This was my main goal for the year and I’m glad it became a reality for me

Establishing a mini fashion shop was also a goal, opening up another clothing business dealing on fabrics, learning more about business writing, becoming more organized and building more personal relationships among others.

I had my own share of challenges too(who doesn’t?) but goal setters and achievers must accept it by “being prepared”

Will you recruit me as an accountability partner in helping you stay focused on achieving the goals you set for yourself? I hope you will. Watch out for my new book on goal setting and achieving them in 2020

It shall be on amazon kindle and I hope you purchase a copy for yourself, friends and family too.

I shall also be releasing new books on “Effective customer service in corporate organizations”, I will be sharing tips on how to recruit and train your customer service staff to boost your businesses

Do watch out for these helpful books in 2020, God willing


Don’t eat too much this season


Hi friends, December is a great time of the year, Christmas fever is running high and most of us are looking forward to the new year

This is a time that we are faced with the most temptation to eat more (if you are a food lover). We often have variety of foods to snack on and eat, lots of parties to attend, lots of sugary drinks to consume and much more

Don’t allow yourself forget the consequence of over eating. It will increase your health problems when you add weight, being obese is a major cause of heart disease, you also stand the risk of getting type 2 diabetics, certain types of cancer, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, kidney disease and even pregnancy related complications


What you can do to satisfy your food cravings this season is to eat more organic foods, fruits and vegetables. You can consume these in considerably high amounts and experience no health problems. Rather you help your digestive system perform well by eating fruits and vegetables, you increase your blood count, you have more energy and you’re less likely to add weight or fall ill

If you require a healthy meal plan and suggestions for you and your family this season and on Christmas and boxing day. Contact me for fun suggestions and it’s absolutely free!

It’s my Christmas gift to you and your family and a way to say thank you for following my blog




Learning from failure

220px-Helen_Keller_with_Anne_Sullivan_in_July_1888If you’re a normal adult I’m certain that you have tested failure at some point in your life

Failure for many of us is unavoidable. As we go through life, some of us will experience workplace, career, business, marital, and relationship failures. Some will be devastated by it while others will go through these changes and come out stronger

Which will you prefer for yourself? I would rather come out of my struggles stronger than be broken by it. The former is a far more positive outcome than the later

How do we learn from failures and become stronger?

By being determined to overcome and through consistency


This was how one great woman,  Helen Keller learned how do read and write after being struck deaf and blind following an illness that she suffered as a toddler

After several frustrating attempts by her Teacher to show her how to spell words using her palm Helen was so frustrated that she broke the mug. About a month later, after several attempts at spellngs, Sullivan, her instructor was trying to teach her how to spell water by turning on a tap and allowing her feel it with her palm, Helen received her break through as she narrated it ” I  stood still, my whole attention fixed upon the motions of her fingers. Suddenly I felt a misty consciousness as of something forgotten, a thrill of returning thoughts and somehow the mystery of language was revealed to me. I knew that W-a-t-e-r meant the wonderful cool something that was flowing over my hand. The living word awakened my soul, given it light, hope, set it free”.

She went on to study and graduate from a university and she became a prolific Author.

Failure has a lot of lessons to teach us, sometimes it just means we need to adjust how we did it the first time and at other times it means we have to totally change the way we did it before. We need to have a good attitude towards failing, what matters most is that afterwards we are able to pick ourselves up and try again.

I like watching babies learning how to walk, they tend to fall a number of times before they finally get it right, if they gave up trying they would never learn to use their legs effectively. That’s exactly how life is built, we were designed to learn through repetition and for that to happen we have to fail but be ready to try as many times as possible until we get it right

Five things you need to know as a customer service staff

As someone who has been in the service sector for about 12 years, I am knowledgeable to a good extent on preparing a newbie staff or entrepreneur on things that they should expect as they perform their duty of representing the establishments they work for or the businesses they own

I have broken these facts into five different sub-headings so that you can easily digest them and make use of the information whenever you require

  1. Some customers are moody: and this isn’t your fault. As a new customer service staff or entrepreneur you should always have this at the back of your mind. Some people will require a service from you and will do this in a very harsh way. Realize that your clients are human and just like you they experience various emotions, some of which are beyond their ability to control. For example dealing with some women on their period could be problematic as some experience a rise in certain hormones that make them more irritable, you may experience similar reactions when relating with a pregnant lady who is experiencing pregnancy related discomfort, an angry man who has had a quarrel with his wife a few minutes ago, a headstrong teenager who feels he knows everything and doesn’t need your help etc. You can’t avoid these things. Encountering these sort of people while carrying out your job once in a while is unavoidable. You should be emmotionally prepared to adequately manage clients with this demeanor regardless of how you feel about them

2) Your customers may not know what they want: yes, this is true, you might meet clients that are clueless because they don’t know everything your company can do for them and their business and how it will benefit them in the long run. You should be able to spend some of your time in explaining things clearly to them so that they can be in a better position to make decisions as to what products or services they need from your company this will help influence what they will opt for eventually

3) Some clients do not know how to express themselves properly: If you have been in customer service long enough, you will meet  some people who  lack good communication skill. Alhough you both speak the same language you will meet the ones who have poor use of language skills, they do not know how to express themselves properly. You should try to discuss with them  longer than the expected time frame so that you can gather more information about their needs, it will also help you work better if you can get them to fill a questionaire with appropriate questions. If there is need to involve a third party that can explain things better to you, take your chance and invite him or her to join your discursion

4) Some clients are insincere: at some point you will definitely meet a few shady clients, people who will be out to get the better of you and your business. They will like to use the information you give them to swindle your company if they can have their way or for fishing of information to sell to your company rivals. Don’t give out too much vital information about your company or business to clients, some of whom are fake

5) Your success depends on your customer feedback: realize that your customers are very important. If you get regular good feedback from them it could mean several positive news for you, the company you work for or your business. As an individual this would help in your appraisal and can mean a promotion to a higher position, for your company or business it means more referals, more customers, growth in revenue, more awareness about your business amongst many other positives. This is the reason customer satisfaction should be top of your list when relating to clientsimages(20)

If you prepare yourself for offering good customer service by taking notes of the above points raised you will find that you will increase your effectiveness and get better results and more satisfied clients

Broaden your thinking

I know this might seem inconsequential in your business plan but take a minute to ponder on this scenerio: You went to a restaurant and ordered for a plate of your best meal. While anxiously waiting, a part of the ceiling above you begins to move, you watch intrigued as something descends  slowly downwards, towards you. You can’t really make out what it is but as it comes down gradually towards your table, you notice it’s a plate of something, placed on a tray, attached to a fanciful but strong rope with your meal piping hot on the plate

Scenerio 2; you have to do your family weekly washing, you go to the store to get some washing powder but you see right beside it on a shelf, a 50cl bottle of liquid, promising you that a drop of it on any fabric washes and retains its original color without needing to use your washing machine.

Believe me when I say, the above approaches in solving people’s everyday problems are already in existence or perhaps being test run at the moment.

For you to be a true entrepreneur you should find inspiration from all you engage in, anything you come across and everyone you meet

Always look around you, asking yourself ‘what if I did things this other way’. Take up copies of trending magazines on lifestyle, finance, beauty, health, economics and the likes, ensure you observe latest trends, styles and influences. Try to get ideas from weird sources too. You must be observant to succeed. Visit parks, watch base ball matches live, attend shows and other trending events

Ask people around you what stuffs they like doing in their spare time, ask people about their frustrations at work and what they would like added to make things easier and bearable. Take special notes of things that they suggest and things that adds to their frustration

History tends to repeat itself. Things that trended in the past most times

woman on rock platform viewing city

becomes fashionable in another generation

The key is, new experiences create new ideas and new ideas offer entrepreneurs new potential for making money.

What odd idea are you trying to change to currency at the moment?

Learn something new

Hi there, I truly missed you all following my

adult art artist artistic

woman with turban at the park

Well, as it has been my tradition each year, I focus on learning a skill that I can fall back on if one of my businesses starts falling apart (reality check) or for a reason as simple as having some extra funds at my disposal; we need money to learn new skills.

Reality check? yes, let’s not kid ourselves, we must be realistic, even as we try to maintain our optimism. Sometimes economic decisions are made by our leaders, owners of establishments we do business with, consumer needs change and even unstable security situations can affect the outcome of similar businesses in our industry as well as ours. So, I’ll encourage you at this point to diversify.

Don’t rely on only one business to sustain you financially, I’ll be writing more on this topic in future

Everyone needs a steady income, it helps us in planning and being more purposeful with money, unlike when your income isn’t stae or predictable. Do you know I sell clean, bottled water too? Oh yes, I do

We can’t rely on only one business for sustainability especially long term, because some of us are operating from places of unstable economies.

So this year, I decided to step into the fashion industry. I’m learning how to sew! It’s been three months now and I’m loving it. I’m not fashionable lol, I wear what I can lay my hands on as long as it’s clean and ironed but I’m creative, and I draw quite well and these skills are great for creative fashion designers, being able to envision a style, draw and create it are good talents needed in creative fashion. I’ll be posting some of my works for you all to see soon

What skills do you have and how do you feel you can apply them to any skill that you’re thinking of learning?

P.S: It feels good to be back again

adult art artist artistic

Engaging with other people

Business involves striking deals with suppliers and customers, customer relations, managing cash, building profit etc

group of people watching on laptop

In short, a large part of your experience as an entrepreneur will be to engage with other people for one reason or another. Entrepreneurship is basically about relationships. You will need to have a connection with suppliers, employees, customers, investors even your rivals

Investors will only support your business if you can prove that you’re trustworthy, that you have the capacity to turn your business into a success. Suppliers will need to know more about your business, you’ll need to convince your employees to work with you and remain there as long as you need them, before a customer purchases your product you’ll need to convince him that it’s worth it, if you have friendly relationships with your rivals it will help you understand your industry more

If you still think you can handle relating to people on these different levels, then you’re good to go, you can drop your resignation letter for your boss if you’ve got enough capital to set up your business go ahead, now is a good time to start

If on the other hand the idea of relating to so many people sounds scary and makes you feel uncomfortable please don’t give up your day job, stick to it

Passion is a significant key to business success

man with fireworks

Do you want to make money? This seems like a weird question to ask a business person, come on, who goes into business except to make money, right?

It’s easy to assume that everyone is doing business just for the money but this is a wrong assumption. Some people started their business mainly because they are passionate about it their idea or product

The money came after that but it was not the main reason for their decision to become entrepreneurs.

Here’s a secret I’ve learned from seasoned business men and women “If you start a business solely because you want to make money, YOU WON’T!”

Do you know that some people make tonnes of money doing business, they can afford to through in the towel at some point, relax and live off their investments but they carry on working because they like what they do and they are passionate about it

If you don’t enjoy what you do, how will you motivate yourself when things get rough? and it usually does at some point in your entrepreneurship journey.

True business owners have learned that if they are passionate enough to communicate their feelings about their ideas or products to customers, the money will flow soon after

Whereas people who lack passion for their business easily throw in the towel and go back to the safety of being an employee.

Understandably, entrepreneurship is not for everyone but if you’re someone who wants to succeed as one, you have to carry your passion along with you every step of the way


Try something slightly different

accomplishment action adult adventure

There’s a wrong perception that  you can only be a successful entrepreneur if you do something entirely different, ground  breaking or innovative.

That you must  develop something so uniquely different that many entrepreneurs would wish they thought of it before you. However this is a trap. Only a few business owners will succeed in developing a brain wave, ground breaking idea, majority will not.

It is often risky developing such innovations in the first place, ideas that are too radical can lead to confusing suppliers, investors and consumers.

Instead of creating something entirely new, many successful entrepreneurs change a few things about already existing, successful businesses, they simply create their own version of it

If we consider successful retailers, every successful retail business was started by an entrepreneur. You will notice that majority of them are not aiming at inventing something new or replacing something old they are mostly trying to do their own versions of existing business ideas.

For example launching an environmental friendly cargo business with eco friendly vehicles, a restaurant business that gives a percentage of its profit to charities in Africa etc

You can twist it any how you want as long as it is targeted at bringing you more customers.

All you need is to do something slightly different

Throw away the hype about entrepreneurs

Are entrepreneurs special?

No we aren’t.

I’ve always wondered why the media makes all effort to portray entrepreneurs as highly intelligent beings and distinct from the ordinary individuals including those who chose to work under others.

I’ve read so many biographies of business men and women who succeeded. From the kid who sold soft drinks in school to the youngster who started by selling lemonade to his friends.

Most entrepreneurship books are filled with good stories some sound too good to be true. I personally think the media makes it more interesting by adding fables just so they can sell more.

Who wants to read about an ordinary person who had a simple childhood, normal upbringing and smooth education? We would rather read about the street savy business minded youngsters who dropped out of school to make their ideas into multi million dollar businesses.

Most of these stories are creations of the magazines or book publishers to increase their sales, not actual events. Many successful entrepreneurs didn’t have to drop out of school or live homeless for years to succeed.

There are even more equally successful, quiet, business men and women who never go to the media to tell their stories. They simply prefer to do everything in a quiet way

You don’t need to be distinct or special to succeed in business. You don’t need to be a salesman to succeed in business, you don’t need to have a special upbringing to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you can think of a good idea, something that can make you passionate and you’re ready to put in all your resources into making it commercial, you can be a successful business person.