Passion is a significant key to business success

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Do you want to make money? This seems like a weird question to ask a business person, come on, who goes into business except to make money, right?

It’s easy to assume that everyone is doing business just for the money but this is a wrong assumption. Some people started their business mainly because they are passionate about it their idea or product

The money came after that but it was not the main reason for their decision to become entrepreneurs.

Here’s a secret I’ve learned from seasoned business men and women “If you start a business solely because you want to make money, YOU WON’T!”

Do you know that some people make tonnes of money doing business, they can afford to through in the towel at some point, relax and live off their investments but they carry on working because they like what they do and they are passionate about it

If you don’t enjoy what you do, how will you motivate yourself when things get rough? and it usually does at some point in your entrepreneurship journey.

True business owners have learned that if they are passionate enough to communicate their feelings about their ideas or products to customers, the money will flow soon after

Whereas people who lack passion for their business easily throw in the towel and go back to the safety of being an employee.

Understandably, entrepreneurship is not for everyone but if you’re someone who wants to succeed as one, you have to carry your passion along with you every step of the way



Try something slightly different

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There’s a wrong perception that  you can only be a successful entrepreneur if you do something entirely different, ground  breaking or innovative.

That you must  develop something so uniquely different that many entrepreneurs would wish they thought of it before you. However this is a trap. Only a few business owners will succeed in developing a brain wave, ground breaking idea, majority will not.

It is often risky developing such innovations in the first place, ideas that are too radical can lead to confusing suppliers, investors and consumers.

Instead of creating something entirely new, many successful entrepreneurs change a few things about already existing, successful businesses, they simply create their own version of it

If we consider successful retailers, every successful retail business was started by an entrepreneur. You will notice that majority of them are not aiming at inventing something new or replacing something old they are mostly trying to do their own versions of existing business ideas.

For example launching an environmental friendly cargo business with eco friendly vehicles, a restaurant business that gives a percentage of its profit to charities in Africa etc

You can twist it any how you want as long as it is targeted at bringing you more customers.

All you need is to do something slightly different

Throw away the hype about entrepreneurs

Are entrepreneurs special?

No we aren’t.

I’ve always wondered why the media makes all effort to portray entrepreneurs as highly intelligent beings and distinct from the ordinary individuals including those who chose to work under others.

I’ve read so many biographies of business men and women who succeeded. From the kid who sold soft drinks in school to the youngster who started by selling lemonade to his friends.

Most entrepreneurship books are filled with good stories some sound too good to be true. I personally think the media makes it more interesting by adding fables just so they can sell more.

Who wants to read about an ordinary person who had a simple childhood, normal upbringing and smooth education? We would rather read about the street savy business minded youngsters who dropped out of school to make their ideas into multi million dollar businesses.

Most of these stories are creations of the magazines or book publishers to increase their sales, not actual events. Many successful entrepreneurs didn’t have to drop out of school or live homeless for years to succeed.

There are even more equally successful, quiet, business men and women who never go to the media to tell their stories. They simply prefer to do everything in a quiet way

You don’t need to be distinct or special to succeed in business. You don’t need to be a salesman to succeed in business, you don’t need to have a special upbringing to succeed as an entrepreneur. If you can think of a good idea, something that can make you passionate and you’re ready to put in all your resources into making it commercial, you can be a successful business person.


All about scholachat again

I thought I should use this opportunity of the new year to give a brief self introductin. In case you’re still wondering even after reading my “About you” page, “who’s scholachat?”

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Basically, I’m a copy writer with particular interest in wealth generation and entrepreneurship. These two areas are my focus in this copy writing and blogging journey.

You’re in for an exciting time if you follow my blog. One of my goals this year is to give regular updates. I promise it won’t be boring so I’m encouraging you to click the “Follow” button and let me take you to the land of wealth and give you enough reason not to throw in the towel as regards your business

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s for those who are prepared to weather the storm. Most successful businesses today had to conquer several challenges along the way to success.

Let’s do this together. Whether you’re a newbie blogger, an art store owner or shoe maker, you’re invited.

We’ll build hope, give tips, information and encouragement to ensure that you DON’T GIVE UP!

Click the follow button for an encounter that will positively affect your business and your life.

Looking for more business opportunities?

Welcome to the new year, hopefully it will bring forth new business connections, customers and opportunities.

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Everyone involved in the business world wants to succeed but we can’t sit back and make wishes hoping they will come true, we’ve got to activate our plans and goals this year and also look out for things that will help us along the way.

Firstly, we’ll need to examine our business critically. Did we make gains in 2018? Or did we run our business at a loss? would you like to change things this year? personally, I need to do all I can to increase profit this year significantly

Believe it or not, more than 60% of small businesses below five years in existence will eventually close shop. We must be among the few who don’t throw in the towel.

It will take more than a resolve to achieve this, it will require us seeing growth in key areas of our businesses this year.

One way to achieve this is by making the most of opportunities we encounter during the course of managing our businesses.

Opportunities are chances that  fall on our path which when utilized effectively will work in our favor. How do we watch out for them?

By acquiring as much relevant information as possible. What’s new in your industry? what new or existing innovations do professionals advice will give your business more leverage? what existing innovations do experts think will be good for your business success?

Gather as much information as you can through research. You will discover relevant opportunities which you would have missed if you weren’t searching

Pay particular interest to social media as a research resource. The volume of information being channeled through the numerous social media websites available is usually free, easily accessible and effective.

Gather more relevant information from listening to financial news and reading financial/business related news papers. Why are new book shops closing down? what products are making the most profits in 2019? where can you find cheap labor? etc

You should also pay some attention to politics as this can also be beneficial to your business. For instance knowing that certain places are politically stable and have a good support structure ffor small businesses can help you take the leap to relocate your business. If Brexit is actualized, Commonwealth countries including businesses within these areas can look forward to expanding their businesses to British markets and gain new customers there

Information is key to succeeding in business because it helps us locate where opportunities are. This year 2019, let’s be on the look out for it.


Tired of working from home?

There was a time in my life when I used to wish I could have my dream job. One of the components of this job was that it should be one that allowed me work from home

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When I started a business I could finally realize my dream of working from home but it wasn’t what I expected after all

See, I’m a cross between an introvert and an extrovert. The introvert side of me feels that working from home will be a very good idea but the extrovert in me easily gets bored of staying indoors for long hours and then I want to go out of the house as soon as possible.

This internal conflict troubled me and made it difficult for me to achieve any significant growth in business because I just couldn’t put in as much hours as I needed to do, it was so frustrating

Let’s not kid ourselves some of us would fare better working out of the house environment. If we had the option to chose, taking the option that makes you more productive is recommended for your business survival. I suggest you do a personal self assessment to check if working in an office space makes you do more than you would if you were working from home.

Don’t force yourself to work from home if it isn’t your thing. What matters for your business is that you are comfortable in your work environment  in other to increase your productivity

Tips on getting a good office space

1) You want to work in an environment filled with positive minded people. Usually, you should look towards a place where most businesses have existed beyond three years. This shows that the area is conjusive for working.

2) Ensure that you access the noise level around the area before you proceed. You don’t want to be easily distracted by loud noise while working

3) Use a local agent, they usually know the best properties around and can help you get a good deal with the Landlords which will be good to check overspending

4) Chose from multiple options. Don’t make the mistake of picking the first one you’re shown, it’s risky because you might miss a better option later on

5) Sign  agreements and collect receipts. This is very important. It doesn’t matter how close your relationship is with the agent, if you don’t collect these documents, it can generate future problems for your business

6) Cost effective: before opting for an office space, ensure that it won’t dig a big whole into your profit. Go for one that fits your budget so that you don’t end up closing shop

Do you think you work better from home or away from home? can add more tips to the list?

Few hours to the new year

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who followed my blog even during my absence and those who didn’t unfollow me. Thanks a lot

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Well I’m back like I promised I would be. The reason for my leave was because I had a lot of things to do that took most of my time but I assure you I wouldn’t be leaving you for so long in the near future but if I do then it’s to do something positive which you all will certainly benefit from

Now, it’s only a few hours to 2019. A time when new year resolutions are made for the forth coming year. What resolutions have you made for your business?

Well, here are two of mine; to make more money from all my online businesses and to give quality content in return

You might think it doesn’t really matter whether you make business resolutions or not but it dose. You’ll discover that you’ll be motivated to carry out your objectives especially when you write them down

So here’s my humble advice to all you amazing small business owners; please write your resolutions down, you can post some of them in the comment section let’s have a chat.

Have a fun New Year’s day tomorrow!